March 27, 2015

Dinner date outfit

So we were thinking of what to wear if someone invited us for dinner, whether it be a date or just a formal casual dinner, or a big event. We looked right through our closets and thought, "Wow, this may be a tough one". It's tough because we have always implanted in our minds that when we do a fashion blog, we would never wear just about anything because its the trend of today, we want to wear our own style and be proud of it, something that could influence others. Well, guess the very heart of this all is really fades but style is eternal. So going back, what would you wear if someone invited you out for a casual-formal dinner or an event? Read on below what we have in mind.
Clarice Tiu

Ok, so for girls, Clarice thought of raising bar with a maroon spandex midriff and a maroon cropped skirt. Its not as simple as putting on something then you're good to go. Sometimes a little sparkle and glitter could go a long way. So she accessorized her look with her Aldo gold beaded statement necklace and an over sized ring. She slips into her peep toed nude pumps to compliment the whole outfit. Simple but it gives an elegant yet modern look. Here's a tip, if we're just talking about the clothes, not minding the accessories, it will just cost you P330! What do you know, it's a look for less!

Janvie Tiu

The thing about formal events is that, well, you have to look formal. So in this case, let's first forget about the rugged/cropped jeans and say hello again to slacks! Janvie is actually wearing his ankle-length gray slacks and tops it with a white button-down shirt. He pairs it with his maroon blazer and his ever-trusty black leather loafers. Fun tip: Janvie's blazer was actually bought from a bargain store for just 50 bucks, not only that, it's actually in women's size, so he doesn't have to alter it, that's what we call savings!

Blogger Tricks

March 23, 2015

Win 5 VIP Tickets to SummerFrolic 2015!

      Mati SummerFrolic 2015 is a music festival of colours that will be held at the La-ne’s Beach Resort, Brgy. Dahican, Mati City. It will be organized by FrolicFox Productions in partnership with La-ne’s Corporation. The event will take place on April 10-11, 2015. 

            This 2nd edition of SummerFrolic will be bigger and better. Organizers have come up with a creative stage design that will definitely bring the festival to a whole new level. Moreover, almost all of the best DJs in the country were invited and have agreed to perform live on stage, providing beach-goers with the heart-pumping beats of dance music. There will be food, alcohol, color powder, paint, foam machines, water sprinklers, and much more to give participants the ultimate beach party experience.

What to bring? Janvie and Clarice as  bloggers, they need a bag that could carry all their stuff. Since they would be staying overnight, they should have with them their laptops and a camera for documentation. Herschel bags has a space for laptops inside making it perfect for outdoor fun! It's spacious, durable and very comfortable to wear! Not to mention its stylish and young design! They just opened their kiosk inside Abreeza Mall- 2nd floor. Visit their mini-store now! We heard everyone's buying a Herschel Bag for summer! Are you?

            Participants will also be treated to a host of other fun activities. On April 11, 2015, there will be an activity called “The Colour Dash”, this will utilize multi-colored powder to celebrate the SummerFrolic festival of colours. In addition to this year’s colour festival, we introduce “The Colour Splash” which will highlight the use of non-toxic neon colored paint.

We will be giving away 5 VIP tickets to one lucky barkada! 
Just follow these quick and easy steps!

1. Follow us on instagram: @janvietiu , @theclaricetiu and @Summerfrolic
2.  Copy and Paste this to your facebook account and post it as a status
"I am so excited to win 5 VIP tickets for SummerFrolic 2015! For more details about the contest click this link:  Hurry! Join now because the contest will end on April 02,2015! #SummerFrolic #JanvieAndClariceGiveAway"

3. Before you post, tag four Facebook friends that you would like to give the tickets to. Make sure that your profile is set to public, okay?
4. If your are done just comment your name, contact number and the link of the status on this blogpost .
5. One lucky Barkada will be winning 5 VIP tickets for SummerFrolic and We will be announcing the winner on April 02, 2015. Grand winner will be randomly picked by a an application and will be contacted either through facebook or mobile number. Goodluck!

ONE TIP! For more entries, make sure that all of your barkada members do the same! Its always more fun to go on a getaway with crazy people! ;) See you there! 

Summer is Near!

It was an awesome Saturday night and for the first time in a long time, we went out again! We've met again friends and acquaintance, whom we haven't seen for quite some time, and got updated with what's the 4-1-1 on the 9-1-1. True enough we haven't been out for months and a lot of things changed. We got a new crowd and a different kind of party songs being played but the idea of having a great time never changed.

Janvie Tiu

Well you know what they say, when its summer bring out the florals! So for this outfit janvie thought of incorporating florals and plains. Janvie bought his floral shirt from a local store in manila, of which it took him an hour to decide whether to buy it or not. His navy blue blazer (from SM Department Store) levelled down the summery effect of the floral print. He pairs the top and bottoms with his ever loyal black loafers (of which he bought from a bargain store), combed his hair in a quiff and he's ready to party!

Clarice Tiu

A lady image is what Clarice always preserves. She takes up her look a notch higher last nigh by putting on something daring, her Terranova floral midriff top. Good thing the 2 servings of carbonara, 3 sticks of barbecue, 3 cookies and blue lemonade wasn't enough to make her tummy bloat, otherwise the look would have a different story. She puts on her oversized beige blazer (bought from a bargain store), her Forever 21 high-waist short shorts and the legendary golden heels, and  the whole party-like-lady outfit is complete.