April 26, 2015

The Unpredictable

"I don't know what I've been told, expressing your own style is gold."

Hey there, it's us back again and this time we give you something a little more of the unpredictable side but still gives that rockin' look. Back in the day, Janvie and I used to play dress up and put on mom and dad's clothes in discreet. We enjoyed changing our looks as much as putting on something that we don't know would fit. I guess that's why we're the brave souls in the family in relation to fashion, we don't mind trying on something new, not sure if its gonna be a head turner or not.

"Be unpredictable," Janvie said while still in college. You have to think ahead of what other people will expect you to wear. Janvie always has this strict fashion sense of going all out and be unpredictable. Today's look reflects just that. It doesn't always mean that you have to stick to just one style for you to look good, sometimes a pinch of diversity and dynamism could go a long way.
What to wear, what to wear? This is always the question that I always hear in my mind when I'm looking for something that would compliment my brother's look. To be honest, I didn't have that much clothes growing up. I just had 3 jeans and t-shirts, lots of t-shirts. That was ok for me, since being a home body and the girl who just went to school and back home, that's just what you would likely to wear.

I did not have heels, not a single one, until we were required to wear them during Senior's Ball in high school. Evidently, it's an unpredictable and an unexpected turn of events for me if you would see me now.

I guess the term "closet build-up" was what really changed everything. While still in college, Janvie would say, "Invest in clothes." But I really hated the idea. You see I'm one of those people who just saves and who is really afraid to spend a lot on one thing, more so when that something can only benefit me for a short span of time. So it took me a little while to build-up my closet.

We started out with the basics from the ever popular thrift stores (ukay-ukay) in Toril. It was a challenge since all you gotta have when you buy stuff from the big UK is L-U-C-K. But I think it's not the case, I think it's perseverance to hop from one stall to another to find what you want. Good thing for me, I had Janvie come along when buying clothes since most of the time I buy the wrong things.

Years went by, and I finally got my own fashion sense. It's not yet the high-fashion sense that great designers have in common, but I'm workin' my way up. Hey you know what the say, "Great things take time."

For this look, I want to deviate from the classy look that I always out on. I want to put on something a liitle more "astig". So I went through my closet and found my Khaki blazer. This was actually a great find for us, since Janvie also has the same one with a different size. We bough each blazer for P950 in Muradito all the way in Divisoria. Well, when we say perseverance, we mean it. I matched it up with my black-leaced romper which I bought for P287 in Forever 21. The sales there are crazy when you are lucky. And of course I topped it off with my ever faithful black booties from Primadonna which I just bought for P799.95.
Janvie is the exact opposite. He's the type of person who starts pursuing something and influences others to do the same. Fashion is one of those pursuits and fashion is what we are in right now. Janvie was always the one who takes the first plunge and drags me along with it. So back then, when I used to wear jeans and t-shirts, he never gave up on his dreams of taking me along with him to fashion shows and gigs wearing heels and the classiest outfits there is.

He was the leader. He was the creative and more stylish one. Janvie also started out with UK clothes and worked his way up. He never really imagined that he'd influence other people with his blogs and never really though that someday he'd become someone who he is today. It just takes a lot of sacrifice and perseverance. In fact, to be able to compensate his clothes-buying schemes, he got himself a job even before he graduated college, all for the "pursuit of happiness".

Janvie had a few bumps and bruises along the way in the fashion industry. I mean, could you remember how many hair colors we've seen on Janvie's head? There was the blue, the aquamarine, the platinum, the orange, the browns and the grays. Janvie did not also settle with the hair styles, he pursued STYLE, in the overall sense. He even ended up in few magazines and newspaper articles just for his fashion tastes and visions.

I guess Janvie was meant to be a visionary. Of course he dresses up for the part. Moreover, not only does he teaches me how to style but also dresses our mom and dad for gatherings and occasions. He is one talented kid and of course one of the few people I know who is unpredictable.

Janvie goes off to work at around 9pm each night and always dresses to impress. This time, he wants to take things a notch higher by putting on something that says, "Hey, did you guys expect this?"  His interest for something unpredictable made way for this look.

He puts on a gray camouflage button-down, cuffed long-sleeved shirt on top of his gray tank top. Both of these garments were purchased from a store in Divisoria for a total amount of P500.00. He puts on black slacks and the adorable black loafers, of which people were envious of when we travelled to the US last June. But do not be deceived people, these were bought from a thrift store. It just proves to show that clothes can be deceiving and its not about the price nor the brand of the clothing, its about how you wear them that defines a stylista.

Blogger Tricks

April 21, 2015

Say Hello to the Balayagé-Ombré!

 You see it in malls, television shows, magazines, on Facebook, Twitter, even on Instragram. Oh yes! Get the stunning mane this summer with the Balayagé-Ombré Hair color! For this segment of our blog, yours truly have finally tried the daring and most unique hair color I've ever known so far...the  Balayagé-Ombré!

"Oh noooooo......actually, Balayagé is a technique, Balayagé-Ombré however is the style," said Buddy Congson, the down-to-earth Creative Director of Hairs and Nails Salon and Spa, who styled my hair. It's actually a common misconception among us on the term, but some people refer to the style in the short version, we call it " Balayagé". Hey that's a trivia for you readers out there!

 Interested about this hair style? Read on to know more about the process of Balayagé and the famous Balayagé-Ombré style.
 Ok, first things first, cut out the split ends and look for some damaged hair! Well, I've gone though some serious consultation with Buddy (seriously, it was about 1 hour and 30 minutes in aggregate if you total the hours we've talked about this look for a number of days) before I underwent the 4-hour process of transforming my hair from "plain Jane" to something a little more edgy and versatile.

I think in the previous photos, my square shaped face can be prominently seen. So what sir Jun (in the photo above) gave me was a square-layered cut with shorter pieces in the front to frame my face. You'd be surprised how the cut makes a big diff.  

After the cut, Buddy started to put on the base color. He chose to apply on some dark colors for the base for that modern rooty shadowed look. Afterwhich, he hand-painted Balayagé  Highlights to match the hair cut, face shape and the design we were aiming for which is a Sun-Kissed Balayagé-Ombré. He then tones it with a level 7 beige with a level 9 ash for me to maintain that not-so-rugged look since I  am a professional.

A few insights from Buddy himself:

Balayagé when done right becomes a  Sombré (soft ombré).  Balayagé mimics how the sun would naturally lighten the hair for that super natural-dimensional look.
Ombré is a style that looks like a Balayagé-Ombré but more grown out. It may start wherever you want to. It has more rooty-grown-out-look but still looks professional done."

After having the colors applied and set, Buddy wanted to style my hair with something more chilled and loose. He noticed that I always curl my hair and he wanted to keep the aura of the curls but make if more soft. He styled me with his signature Victorias Secret blowdry for big body waves. Am I good enough to be a VS angel? (long pause......)It's OK, you don't have to answer that right now. 

Here it is you guys, the Balayagé-Ombré on Clarice Tiu. For the record, I was teary-eyed to see the result. I hope your "mane" adventures could be as awesome as mine,because not only did I gave my hair a tune-up, I actually enjoyed this experience, met amazing people and gained a lot of inputs and insights. 

Super thankful to all the creative and fun people at Hairs and Nails Salon and Spa (Governor Duterte Street, Davao City) especially to Mr. Jun for the awesome hair cut and to Buddy Congson for the amazing hair transformation.
For those of you who would like to have their hair done, you may want to get in touch with Buddy. You may get in touch with him through the following:

Viber/Whatsapp,iMessage: 0947-992-7093
Email: buddy.congson@gmail.com
Blog: www.buddycongson.blogspot.comIG and Twitter: buddycongson

He has a salon in Manila too, so he usually flies to and from Davao and Manila every month. For those of you who wants to get a hair makeover with Buddy in Manila, you may want to visit Envy My Salon (3rd level West Wing Robinsons Galleria mall, EDSA) (www.facebook.com/envymesalon)

You may also want to visit Hairs and Nails Salon and Spa's Facebook page at https://ww.facebook.com/HairsandNailsSalon

April 17, 2015

Oversize Me

Oh la la! This gal has just got out of what the accountants and tax consultants all call, "the busy season". Gone are the papers and calculators during off hours and say hello to Summer! Being a 22-year-old accountant, Clarice has to juggle her time between doing blogs, sustaining work loads and maintaining that lady-like grace amidst the pressure. And what better way to express your mood of breaking free from the deadliest season of all than putting on the OVERSIZERS and hitting the beach or chillin' around the city!

Read on to find out more about Clarice's outfit today. 

Who says that summer has to be the season that all you have to wear is something that shows a lot of skin? Not for this girl. Clarice wants to still look classy under the sun with her black Forever 21 long maxi dress and her white oversized cropped top. Quick tip: the top is actually bought from a bargain store. Clarice completes her simple-yet-classy look with her caramel wide flappy hat and her black peep-toe stilettoes.