April 17, 2015

Oversize Me

Oh la la! This gal has just got out of what the accountants and tax consultants all call, "the busy season". Gone are the papers and calculators during off hours and say hello to Summer! Being a 22-year-old accountant, Clarice has to juggle her time between doing blogs, sustaining work loads and maintaining that lady-like grace amidst the pressure. And what better way to express your mood of breaking free from the deadliest season of all than putting on the OVERSIZERS and hitting the beach or chillin' around the city!

Read on to find out more about Clarice's outfit today. 

Who says that summer has to be the season that all you have to wear is something that shows a lot of skin? Not for this girl. Clarice wants to still look classy under the sun with her black Forever 21 long maxi dress and her white oversized cropped top. Quick tip: the top is actually bought from a bargain store. Clarice completes her simple-yet-classy look with her caramel wide flappy hat and her black peep-toe stilettoes. 

Blogger Tricks

Bring out the Denim!

Denims! Denims! Denims! What could you not wear with denims? It's a staple in everyone's closets, and surely it's a must-have for Janvie. Being 21, Janvie has the drive to put on anything that just spells: "D-A-R-I-N-G!" But did you guys remember the movie, "The Breakfast Club"? Remember how Judd Nelson lifted his arms up in the air, looking like someone who has just won a victorious battle at the end of the day with his oversized denim jacket?...... Guess this outfit just says, "Hey, Imma 'bout to conquer the world today!"

Read on for more info on his outfit for today.

Since Janvie's feeling victorious today, he searches inside his closet for something that matches his mood. So he pulled out his Forever 21 denim jacket and his dark blue and green striped polo shirt from the Gap. He pairs its with black slacks and I guess you'd know what footwear he'll pair with this outfit.

In essence, Janvie's just enjoying each and every moment there is by expressing his creativity through fashion.

April 14, 2015

Of Blue and Dots

Back to the basics! It's a navy blue day today for the Tiu siblings! It's a unique yet random concept of putting on dark colors for this summer. We all know that it's 35 degrees or something here in Davao this season but hey it's fashion, when you have an idea, don't be afraid to express it and just have fun.

TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR THIS SUMMER! This is simplest idea of why these two have cooked up something different out of what was likely the practice of almost everyone this summer.

Janvie Tiu

Janvie likes to put on a formal touch for the today's look so he goes on and puts his black khakis and the navy blue short sleeve button down shirts. Trivia: the P10 top is one of the money clothes Janvie bought from the bargain store ("ukay-ukay"). He pairs it with the famous black leather loafers.

Clarice Tiu

Clarice likes to keep the idea of a fun and care-free summer for this look. So she puts on the polka-dotted top she bought from the "ukay-ukay" for only P10. She pairs the top with her faded blue high-waist denim shorts which was bought from a bargain store all the way from Kidapawan City! Talk about finding the right clothes at such a distant place. She then completes the whole look with her bright yellow shoes to give a bright and sunny counterpart with the dark top.