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July 30, 2015

Arcadia giveaway! WIN 5 VIP TICKETS AND A CABANA worth P5,000

Manic Nightnings Productions brings Davao a one-of-a-kind two-day celebration for this year’s Kadayawan Festival. The first night is a pub-crawl through Davao’s premiere bars and nightlife destinations and the second day is a three-staged electronic music festival at the D’Leonor Inland Resort.

Oh Janvie and Clarice, I've got nothing to wear!

But But ... Transportation? No problem! Free to ticket holders 

2 Buses will be picking up ravers from North and South areas • 4 Coasters will be going back and forth from Ponte verde *Bus drop off area, to the Venue *D’leonor inland resort

Manic is taking Davao's nightlife to the next level. Davao's premiere Clubs and Bars will be hyping Kadayawan Friday as Top Manila DJs will be taking over their decks. Pub crawl 30 lucky AEMF 2015 ticket holders will be chosen to experience the famous "Pub Crawl". They will be riding the Manic Bus which will take them to all of the participating clubs and bars and will be meeting our Celebrity

So ready to party with us? Cause we are! 

We are so ready that we are giving away 5 VIP tickets and a Cabana worth P5000! How to Join? Easy!

1. Follow @JanvieTiu ,  @TheClariceTiu and @ManicNightnings on Instagram.
2. Copy and Paste the below message to your facebook account and post it as a status

"I am so excited to win 5 VIP tickets and a Cabana worth P5,000 for Arcadia 2015 ! For more details about the contest click this link: http://www.janvieandclarice.com/2015/07/ArcadiaGiveaway.html Hurry! Join now because the contest will end on August 17, 2015! #Arcadia2015 #JanvieAndClariceGiveAway"

3. Before you post, tag four Facebook friends that you would like to give the tickets to. Make sure that your profile is set to public, okay?
4. If your are done just comment your name, instagram account, contact number and the link of your facebook status on this blogpost .
5. One lucky Barkada will be winning 5 VIP tickets and a Cabana worth P5,000 for Arcadia 2015. By just posting and sharing, you'll win a package worth P11,000! We will be announcing the winner on August 18, 2015. Grand winner will be randomly picked by a an application and will be contacted either through facebook or mobile number. Goodluck!


July 28, 2015

Fashionably surviving Kadayawan's rave parties



The Boy and Girl Next Door
Who wouldn’t want to be the nice guy and gal in town? Nonetheless, dressing for a party is easy when you bring out your personality to what you wear. So for those who just wants to go to a wet and wild rave party and really have fun, these outfits may be a good suggestion for this Kadayawan’s rave party.

For the ladies:
It’s always a problem for us girls having to bring as many clothes as we can to a pool party just to change from going into the wet-and-wild aspect to the chillin’-on-the-side aspect. This time, to save up the room in our bags, why don’t we try putting on both?
We have numerous swimsuits/bikini designs these days and one of the best and practical ones are those which can be mistaken as tops. For one, you could use a corset-cut one-piece swimsuit. Clarice is wearing one from Bench and its only more or less P400. Pair it with a high-waist shorts and you got a look to rock the night away. Let’s be all aware that in a pool party, its best to wear things that are ok if you get wet. So for the footwear, we suggest that you try those jelly shoes or sandals. For Clarice, she is wearing a Beige two-strapped sandals to target both comfort and utility.

For the guys:
Guys can just wear anything they can pull out of the closet. When you say pool party, it’s that time when guys will think, “Sun’s out, guns out!” The same goes for the evening events, guns out! Well, you know what they say, “If you got it, flaunt it”.

It’s the normal sandos and board shorts for the guys that can make an outfit for a rave party like this a hassle-free one. However, the color is also a factor. Make sure that the color is party-themed as well, not too much of the dark one’s, otherwise people will think you’re heading out to the gym (note: you’re wearing a sando). For Janvie, he chose to monochromatic by pairing a bright Blue pair of shorts with a striped Blue and Navy-Blue sando. He also took note that the fact that it’s a wet and wild party, he should wear something light and comfortable. So for the footwear, he chose to put on his dark Brown mandals. 


The Elite Goers
Some people wants to go all out and try everything on the menu a party has to offer. Some just don’t mind enjoying the music and other people’s company. If you are this type of person, we suggest a more comfy yet stable look for you. This means you can’t readily jump into a pool or beach without worrying if your clothes will get wet, unless of course, you don’t mind.

For the ladies:
Going to a wet and wild party without you getting wet is a challenge. But for this segment, you can always choose to place yourselves away from the wet and wild area. For an elite-rave look, Clarice puts on a White cropped top from People are People and matched it with a Mustard high-waist short. It’s not the usual and ideal footwear but the jelly sandals could save you a ton of hassle when we’re talking about water parties. Add on some shimmer with a bangle or any metallic piece and you’re good to go.

For the guys:
It’s a staple for guys to wear something crisp and that which looks sharp when going to social events. So let us apply that for a wet-and-wild rave party. Janvie wears his White button-up shirt with khaki pants to give that fresh feel when going to a rave. You can always change the color if you want to be safe from the stains. To be also practical and be hassle-free during the event, you might want to put on mandals as well.


The Igniters
Some people succumb to what is and what should be, while others tend to stir up the mood and be different. OF course, you are your own individual person so why not express yourself and exhibit your uniqueness.

For the ladies:
Try to be daring and bold and be confident in your own skin. You can put on some meshed clothes for the party over your bandeau or strapless bikinis. You can pair it with cotton shorts. For Clarice, she decided to go Black to still be in lined with the evening party and still look chic. Though it may seem risky, but hey nothing beats going to a party in heels. Just make sure you are able to carry yourself with it. For Clarice, she uses her 2-inch, wide heeled-boots to make her night as cozy as possible.

For the guys:
Let’s be sporty. As per observation, guys tend to be mostly the active ones at this type of parties. So why not put on those comfy sneakers and party the night away. For Janvie, black looks formal and looks good as a pair with his sporty footwear. So he decides to put on a Black and White button-up shirt with Black shorts to strike a formal look. He also adds on his Black wide bowler hat to give his look some “pop”.



Whichever outfit you choose, always keep in mind that you are going to a party, so don’t be limited by what you wear and always think outside of the box to give your outfit an edge. Finally, don’t forget to have fun!

July 21, 2015

Explore the Basics

Do you remember what you wanted to become when you were just a kid? Can you think back to yesterday’s wild goose chase of chasing your dreams and moving heaven and earth to attain them? Today’s look is just about that, rethinking on what was supposed to be the Janvie Tiu of today based on his perception of tomorrow from 15 years back.

Break the Boundaries

Have you been scared to try something new? Or there may come a time that you would want to try something new but is limited by people’s perception of you, who you are and what you should become? In this day and age, we are all limited by rules and expectations that we tend to be hesitant about the idea of change. With this, it always worthy to remember that in fashion, in everyday life, it’s a big deal to be confident in your own skin but is also good to express who you are.