May 12, 2015

Trancesisyon 2015 Giveaway


Anj Cervera events in partnership with Bacardi, Asia Brewery, Big 8 hotel, J Nasul Capture and the City Government of Tagum gives us #Trancesision2015. Trancesisyon is the 1st PsyTrance Party Music and Arts Fest in Mindanao. It is a unique psychedelic art atmosphere, complemented by its electronic and dance music by top DJs line­up in the Philippines.

The one­day party aims to promote music and feature our own local talents through their nature­loving visual arts. The festival will be known for its colourful artistry and chrromatic decorations, surely set it apart visually from its competition in the music field.

What’s unique about TRANCESISYON is that even if it’s themed as TRANCE, the music is still fit forthe audience’s ear. Each Dj will bring you to its own unique musical journey.We invited several DJs from Manila DJ Jet Boado, Ron Poe and Khai Lim these are top flexible djs they play for Valkyrie, Universe, Prive and the like. We also invite Kirby Yu from Boracay and Distillery Cebu. Hyping the crowd are MC Ron Thug and MC MJ Collarga. Not forgetting the local talents; Jack Ripper and Kevin Rage of Brewery, Hybrid and Magic 89.1 will also spin for the night. Ronn Mirrage of Brewery and Ram Mia San Miguel Mindanao Champion; both Djs are part of Team Dreamers and Team EDM Davao. And Last, Pae Dobles from Manic Nightnings Products.

We will be giving away 5 MANIA tickets to one lucky barkada and a free hotel room at Big8 hotel!

Just follow these quick and easy steps!

1. Follow us on instagram: @janvietiu , @theclaricetiu and @@trancesisyontagum

2.  Copy and Paste this to your facebook account and post it as a status
"I am so excited to win 5 mania tickets for Trancesisyon 2015 and an overnight stay at big 8 hotel on May 16! For more details about the contest click this link:  Hurry! Join now because the contest will end on May 15, 2015! #Trancesisyon2015 #JanvieAndClariceGiveAway"

3. Before you post, tag four Facebook friends that you would like to give the tickets to. Make sure that your profile is set to public, okay?

4. If your are done just comment your name, contact number and the link of the status on this blog post .

5. One lucky Barkada will be winning 5 Mania Ticket and the winner gets a free overnight hotel room at Big8 hotel!  and We will be announcing the winner on May 15 10PM. Grand winner will be randomly picked by a an application and will be contacted either through facebook or mobile number. Goodluck!

ONE TIP! For more entries, make sure that all of your barkada members do the same! Its always more fun to go on a getaway with crazy people! ;) See you there! 

Big thanks to these guys for making it happen!

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May 07, 2015

Hey Batter! Hay Batter!

Hey guys, this is Janvie's time to shine with his solo OOTD exhibiting his baseball-inspired look. Can you imagine yourself being a kid once again and just play all day long? Well Janvie's feeling free-spirited today and decides to dress up like an athlete. Well, truth be told, Janvie doesn't really play baseball at all but he was captain of the badminton team back in  high school. Janvie reminisces  those days when he'd tirelessly play the game he'd been enjoying from his childhood days and believe me, when you play badminton with this kid, you'll have a hard time catching up because he used to train in a tub or a pool to shape up his legs and biceps.
But enough of the chit chat, let's talk about the look, cause afterall this is a fashion blog and yes, we love styling and never get tired of it despite our busy schedules. Read on ahead to find out more of Janvie's OOTD.
Bombs away for today with this baseball inspired outfit. Tell us, could you pinpoint a certain store here in Davao which specializes on selling baseball merchandises? Having a hard time answering? Well, its because there isn't any. So where did Janvie manage to get the amazing baseball shirt? Well, as may have guessed, it would be the famous ukay-ukay stores which we have all around the City. But of course, you'd have to be lucky enough to find one of these, of course when you buy from thrift stores you can't exactly expect to get or buy what you really want. 
For this look, he pairs his baseball top with his striped bull cap which he bought from the SM Department Store for only P199.99. Pair it with them white shoes and some black slim-fit pants and you're gonna run the show for the day!

May 04, 2015

Bring out the leather!

Bring out all of them leathers!
Hey guys, its the OOTD siblings once again, back with another different yet coherent outfits that will rock any day-to-night look.  Well we all know that authentic or genuine leather is expensive and coming from the practical brother and sister  tandem, fashion doesn't have to be always expensive. It's not who you wear but how you wear the clothes that defines a true stylista. A quick tip would be to express yourself and your creativity, sure trends come and go but what you envision to wear is what matters in this industry.
Of course there are those that really want the tags defined, and we don't blame, after all its a free-industry and everyone's a critic. So for this look, lets just forget about the genuine leather and just wear something within the budget....faux leather.
Read on to find out more of this look.
Clarice just feels her legs for this look and decides to wear a Black long jumper or overalls, which she bought from Forever 21. Trivia: the twins have actually the same overall of the same color and the same style. What;s different falls only on the sizes. It was a funny thing really, they just bought the jumper since there was a buy one take one sale! Again with the twin clothes? O well, it just proves to show that sometimes having a sibling which almost looks like you and dresses most likely the way you dress, is an awesome thing.
Moving on...Clarice wants to still put a little sexiness to this look so she decides to wear a White cropped top underneath to show some skin and compliment the dark overall. She completes her whole outfit with her black peep-toe stilettos and her gold chains from Claire's in Massachusetts for $2.00 which would likely equate to P90.00.

O yes! This is what we're talking about when we say "fierce" on a guy. Janvie just sets out the trend by trying to say "hey, anyone can pull off wearing a leather jacket!" So ok you guys, let Janvie take you to a whole new level of leather and jeans and tweak it a bit to fit in to the 21st century.
For this look, Janvie made use of his Black faux leather jacket which he bought in Forever 21 down in Boston for only $15.00 (that's more or less P675). Why the low price for something so awesome? Well, since the US has 4 seasons and at the time of purchase it was summer, no one would dare buy a coat on such a hot season, I mean who would right? So ok, Janvie hit the jackpot with this one, just let this be a reminder for everyone that in fashion, being able to see and think out of the box is a big advantage.
Janvie pairs his faux leather jacket with his White button-down long sleeves and his faded jeans, which he cuffed at the buttom to give it that clean-yet-rugged-kind-of look but still looks presentable. He then completes his look with his fave Black leather shoes.