July 02, 2015

Mango Man, Finally opened in Davao! #MangoManInDavao

Last Tuesday, June 30th, I had a chance to participate in the round table discussion with the representatives of Mango Man here in the Philippines. To be honest, I never really had the idea that they're going to open a branch here in Davao ( I'm normally updated with new stores here ) But to my surprise, last May, while I was walking along the hallways of Abreeza Mall... there it was, Mango Man, calling me and saying " You've been stressed. I think its time for some retail shopping " and so I did. The shop presented me and my style ( Preppy ) and that's the reason why I didn't hesitate to shop in this store... I just love how the colors remained classic and the style remained clean but still trendy!

( Left to Right: Kelly, Me, Photographer/blogger: Klyde, Blogger: Jeffrey, Cai )

Again, all the way from Manila, I had the chance to meet Mango's country supervisor - Kelly and Asst. Marketing Manager - Cai. Along with the media here in Davao, we gathered at Italianis and had the opportunity to ask some questions. The first ever Mango Man in Mindanao is located here in Davao, " Why now? " asked one of the newspaper editor. "We've been waiting for a good space here in Abreeza, we've waited for so long to have a space next to Mango ( for women ). We didn't conduct any type of feasibility study just because we saw the possibility through the existing Mango stores here in Davao". 

 In the Philippines, Mango has been a staple international brand and has branches all over the country. Talking about age brackets, they cater to young professionals to the elders who would want to stay classy, chic and fresh. They incorporate their main style with the trend and from time to time presents designs that are to die for! 

On this day as well, I couldnt stop myself from shopping because currently, they're on 50% off and I believe the 50% off only ends until supplies last! So make sure you drop by Mango Man, Ground Floor Abreeza Mall.

( Left: Asst. Marketing Manager - Ms, Cai , Right: Country Supervisor - Kelly ) 

(And the four girls who, is always present every fashion forum, Abreeza's marketing team - always have been and will be updated with fashion. )

Mango Philippines just made Davaoweno's fashion shopping experience better and easier by launching a new concept store here in Davao. Make sure to drop by their store! Their still on 50% off! 

June 14, 2015

Gotta Embrace Them Metallics

Hey Orange! At some point in time, people want to just break free from being a conformist to just being a stand-out. Some people don't have the guts to shine because of the attention, some just do it to be different because the feeling of being the same has gotten a little old and boring.

Well, today, Clarice wants to wear something that will surely make you take a second look.

Read on to find out more on her OOTD.
Clarice rarely dresses up for something beyond anyone's expectations. What can we say, she is the exact opposite of Janvie. But Clarice today, wants to take the challenge of stand her stand out and finally managed to find the perfect outfit with her gold blazer.

She is wearing her stretchable black and gold blazer or cover-up. This print can be seen mostly in boutiques, like PRP (People Are People) or even in a few of Anne Curtis' ads for Primadonna. Be cautious you guys, the blazer only costs P500 in one of the boutique stores down in Divisoria, Manila. Quick tip: the store's name is Muradito. The stre really upheld its name and also provides good quality clothes.

Now back to the outfit. Well you can pair the gold with blacks or stick to the neutrals, but Clarice experimented on trying Tangerine. Yup, a bold move, but the experiment may just work. She paired the blazer with her Tangerine dress from the SM Store (P400- this was on sale!) 
To maintain that classy look, she puts on her mid-highs with metallic gold heels. She also accentuated the look with her gold beaded statement necklace from Aldo.

In the end of course, if you wanna stand-out, you've got to keep in mind that you have to put some art in your outfit and a lot of confidence on the clothes you're wearing and of course, confidence in yourself.


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June 04, 2015

Carpe Diem: Janvie Tiu style

Spice things up today with a hint of youth and fun. It's not always about work and career, it's also having that joyous feeling of you celebrating your youth and the things you can do with it......FASHION!

Well, mixing and matching is no problem. You just need a few coherent pieces and boom, you've got an outfit. Janvie has that youthful glow today that he wanted to wear something that stretches out from his professional environment.

Read on to find out more about his look.
After talking about what our careers would be like 10 years from now, none of us really couldn't really tell whether this will all it's gonna be. We then said to ourselves, "Hey, were still in our 20s, life is just beginning, so why always worry and dwell what will happen in the future, when we've got all the time in the world to enjoy what's in front of us."

Sometimes we tend to fast track everything that comes, and somehow overlook one vital detail..... Carpe Diem! (Live life to the fullest!) Today, Janvie is all about Carpe Diem with his vintage blazer, which he bought from a thrift store down in Bangkerohan for only P10. Seriously you guys, there are a lot of great finds down there.

He matches his vintage with a modern twist. He pairs the blazer with a white cotton shirt is and a pair of black slacks. Let's not forget his Nike shoes to match the whole ensemble. Janvie has tons of bags lying around the corner of his room, so today he chooses to go  out with his black man bag from Salvatorre Man (SM Store). Oh yes, men can bring shoulder bags too, it's Carpe Diem!


Hey guys, we know you've got questions or just wanna say hola!

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