lOGO Men's Fashion

August 11, 2015


Ever wondered that you could be somebody else? Like that person you really idolize or that person which possesses that certain skill where you really have to work hard for? Or how about just a step away from your every-day life and be that person that you don't even expect would happen. Sometimes, we have these dreams of "what could have been" or "what ifs" but the only that could break it all is this, "I'm gonna be a somebody today, not a nobody."

The concept of Janvie's OOTD today would be to mix up the perfect in-gray-dient to exemplify who he wants to become just because he wants it and nobody dictates who he should be.

August 05, 2015

Let's Take on the Prints!

"Sometimes in life, it's not what you've achieved, but rather what you've overcome." We actually practice this thought over and over in our lives but never really took the time to see that we are, in reality, doing it. Others tend to forget that winning is not just about the sweet victory at the end of the race but standing up to the challenge of being in one is victory enough. One of Clarice's goals is to excel, not just in one but in every endeavor she undertakes. However, there is still that reality that you cannot have everything; and that there is a specific time and place for everything.

Today's outfit portrays just about that.....overcoming challenges and achieve something that people sometimes ignore. Fashion is one of the avenues where you can always express yourself and be a winner in your own capacity, so for today's outfit.....let's bring on the printed bottoms.

Read on to know more about Clarice's OOTD.

I think we are all in agreement that the leopard-print skirt outshines the blacks in this whole ensemble. It's basically a trend back in the day but nowadays, its something more of a so-so outfit. But what's intriguing is how one sees an object as an opportunity. For Clarice, the opportunity to wear something a little more vintage could go a long way in our modern world.

She then matches her leopard skirt with her Black tank top/cami from Forever 21. To give that fierce look, a little bit of leather could always do the trick. So the Black leather jacket with gold zippers just does that. It's also practical to wear leather jackets these days since we do have a frequent temperature change in the afternoon wherein sometimes it gets a little chilly and bringing in some drizzle or rain.

For her footwear, Clarice went for the Black booties to be synchronized and coherent with her fierce look. She also added a gold bangle to accessorize. Bringing back what people have forgotten is also a good way to rock an outfit, maybe you could try looking for something old, or something treasured today and you may be surprised of what you can find!

August 04, 2015

Who wears Cheetah?

Drive away those fashion fears and face an everyday challenge of putting yourself into what you wear. Well for us, its not really the brands or the labels that makes each outfit a "head-turner". It's embodying the concept of "you are what you wear". We took this statement by heart and always make it a point of getting out there but never forgetting who you are. It's what are mom used to say, "Be yourself! Don't be anyone else but yourself".

So for today's look, Janvie exhibits his love for both prints and leather. Some of you may even recall in a song, "Who wears cheetah?" Well, now we know the answer!

July 30, 2015

Arcadia giveaway! WIN 5 VIP TICKETS AND A CABANA worth P5,000

Manic Nightnings Productions brings Davao a one-of-a-kind two-day celebration for this year’s Kadayawan Festival. The first night is a pub-crawl through Davao’s premiere bars and nightlife destinations and the second day is a three-staged electronic music festival at the D’Leonor Inland Resort.

Oh Janvie and Clarice, I've got nothing to wear!

But But ... Transportation? No problem! Free to ticket holders 

2 Buses will be picking up ravers from North and South areas • 4 Coasters will be going back and forth from Ponte verde *Bus drop off area, to the Venue *D’leonor inland resort

Manic is taking Davao's nightlife to the next level. Davao's premiere Clubs and Bars will be hyping Kadayawan Friday as Top Manila DJs will be taking over their decks. Pub crawl 30 lucky AEMF 2015 ticket holders will be chosen to experience the famous "Pub Crawl". They will be riding the Manic Bus which will take them to all of the participating clubs and bars and will be meeting our Celebrity

So ready to party with us? Cause we are! 

We are so ready that we are giving away 5 VIP tickets and a Cabana worth P5000! How to Join? Easy!

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