lOGO Men's Fashion

March 19, 2014

Be different in different ways! :)

This outfit is so gay but masculine in every way! I mean things can go together at the same time like being an elite at the same time being poor (One of the arguements that us co-workers argue about). Its really how you perceive things that counts. If it so happen that you're two things at the same time, then go ahead do live you're life. I am an example of a juggler, I'm a student, an employee, a blogger, a partyphile and a hopeless romantic ( Sinali talaga ang hopeless romantic? hahaha! ). If you think that sticking to one personality is enough for you to prosper in this world, then think again! Be different, in different ways! Dont be just you, be someone better than who you are. I'm just being very spontaneous here, I honestly don't know what to write about this outfit so I'm blabbering about things that's can be related to my first sentence. Anyway, how do you like the "Masculine but at the same time gay" outfit? :)

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