lOGO Men's Fashion

March 22, 2014

Hi there Benjamin!

Basing on this outfit its pretty much obvious that this is one of my Lazy day outfits. Over-sized sweater, slacks and Brouges but what I love about this whole look is that - the print can actually make it look fashionable. It's super street fashion and no doubt I will be finding more clothes like this! Im really glad that I have a body structure that's so versatile that I can wear what I want to wear, hahaha! My dad always reminds me of how I will get bigger when I reach my 20's and things will never be the same again as my tummy will bloat along with my thighs and my face. Oh, why is the world so unfair? Why is the world so full of imperfections? hahaha! Oh well, I just have to stop going to fast food chains and start eating healthy
 ( As if ). My lifestyle's so "polluted" everything I is intoxicating. hahahaha! Anyway, how do you like my version of street fashion? :)

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